TOP 20 Tom Vilsack Quotes

TOP 20 Tom Vilsack Quotes.
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“People working together in a strong community with a shared goal and a common purpose can make the impossible possible.”
— Tom Vilsack (00:00)

“I don’t think the face of the Democratic Party is Nancy Pelosi.”
— Tom Vilsack (00:07)

“If we can get people to focus on fruits and vegetables and more healthy foods, we’ll be better in terms of our healthcare situation.”
— Tom Vilsack (00:14)

“Over the past two years, the Obama Administration and USDA have worked to build a foundation for sustainable economic growth in rural America. At the center of our vision is an effort to increase domestic production and use of renewable energy.”
— Tom Vilsack (00:21)

“Many young and beginning farmers start out in local markets. Some stay there, and some scale up.”
— Tom Vilsack (00:28)

“President Obama’s fight for rural America is personal. He was raised by a single mom and grandparents from Kansas. He hails from a farming state, Illinois.”
— Tom Vilsack (00:35)

“One out of every 12 jobs in the economy is connected in some way, shape or form to what happens on the farm.”
— Tom Vilsack (00:42)

“More than half of America’s rural counties are losing population and with it, political representation.”
— Tom Vilsack (00:49)

“What Republicans have done in my view is that they are systematically dismantling a sense of community in America.”
— Tom Vilsack (00:56)

“And sometimes people don’t realize that 90 percent of the persistent poverty counties are located in rural America.”
— Tom Vilsack (01:03)

“To help producers serve larger institutional customers like schools and hospitals, USDA has helped fund new regional infrastructure like cold storage warehouses, commercial kitchens and local slaughter facilities.”
— Tom Vilsack (01:10)

“There are a lot of farmers and ranchers who are struggling. I get on my knees every day. If I had a rain prayer or a rain dance I could do, I would do it.”
— Tom Vilsack (01:17)

“If we are to transition to a new economy and to lead it, we must start by transforming our schools.”
— Tom Vilsack (01:24)

“You know, this country today, it seems to me – it’s about fear. And it shouldn’t be about fear. It should be about hope and optimism and creativity and accepting a challenge and being a moral leader and being a great nation.”
— Tom Vilsack (01:31)

“Food is a fairly significant aspect of my life. I have struggled mightily with food. With my weight. And I’m conscious of it. So I have a sensitivity to people who struggle with their weight.”
— Tom Vilsack (01:38)

“Food during my early years was a very difficult issue for me. I grew up in an addictive family. My mother had serious problems with alcohol and prescription drugs. I was an overweight kid. I can remember back in those days there weren’t the strategies that there are today to deal with those issues.”
— Tom Vilsack (01:45)

“The rise of childhood obesity has placed the health of an entire generation at risk.”
— Tom Vilsack (01:52)

“Local and regional food systems are about opportunity.”
— Tom Vilsack (01:59)

“I grew up in a city. My parents would think there was something wrong with America if they knew I was secretary of agriculture.”
— Tom Vilsack (02:06)

“During a national crisis, we as a nation become a single community and no one should take advantage of a crisis.”
— Tom Vilsack (02:13)

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