TOP 20 Terry Tempest Williams Quotes

TOP 20 Terry Tempest Williams Quotes.
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“Storytelling is the oldest form of education.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (00:00)

“The Eyes of the Future are looking back at us and they are praying for us to see beyond our own time.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (00:07)

“Finding beauty in a broken world is creating beauty in the world we find.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (00:14)

“My voice is born repeatedly in the fields of uncertainty.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (00:21)

“Blind obedience in the name of patriotism or religion ultimately takes our lives.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (00:28)

“To slow down is to be taken into the soul of things.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (00:35)

“Despair shows us the limit of our imagination. Imaginations shared create collaboration, collaboration creates community, and community inspires social change.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (00:42)

“The only thing I have done religiously in my life is keep a journal. I have hundreds of them, filled with feathers, flowers, photographs, and words – without locks, open on my shelves.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (00:49)

“Rituals are the formulas by which harmony is restored.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (00:56)

“Stories have the power to create social change and inspire community.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (01:03)

“I wonder about silence. Also about darkness. I love the idea that city lights are a “conspiracy” against higher thoughts.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (01:10)

“Find something that matters deeply to you and pursue it. Question. Stand. Speak. Act. Make us uncomfortable. Make us think.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (01:17)

“Greed says there is never enough. Abundance says there is more than enough. Greed closes the door behind itself. Abundance opens the door for others.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (01:24)

“The discipline of writing a memoir comes in the editing. This is where I cut, slash, and burn – where my creative mind is transformed into a ruthless one. No word escapes my scrutiny. It is here where I see what boundaries need to be set.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (01:31)

“I take a deep breath and sidestep my fear and begin speaking from the place where beauty and bravery meet – within the chambers of a quivering heart.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (01:38)

“Dying doesn’t cause suffering. Resistance to dying does.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (01:45)

“There is something very sensual about a letter. The physical contact of pen to paper, the time set aside to focus thoughts, the folding of the paper into the envelope, licking it closed, addressing it, a chosen stamp, and then the release of the letter to the mailbox – are all acts of tenderness.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (01:52)

“It is important to remember all true change begins at the margins and moves toward the center. This does not make the climate change movement marginal, it makes it muscular, organic, with a true movement toward the center.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (01:59)

“If a man knew what a woman never forgets, he would love her differently.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (02:06)

“I am interested and deeply curious about our need for a spiritual life, a life of greater meaning, and how we come to a more ethical view of life within our communities that is more inclusive than exclusive, one that is extended even beyond our own species.”
— Terry Tempest Williams (02:13)

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