TOP 20 Rutherford B. Hayes Quotes

TOP 20 Rutherford B. Hayes Quotes.
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“Every expert was once a beginner.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (00:00)

“It is now true that this is God’s Country, if equal rights-a fair start and an equal chance in the race of life are everywhere secured to all.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (00:07)

“The bold enterprises are the successful ones. Take counsel of hopes rather than of fears to win in this business.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (00:14)

“It is a government by the corporations, for the corporations.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (00:21)

“Must swear off from swearing. Bad habit.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (00:28)

“Nothing brings out the lower traits of human nature like office-seeking. Men of good character and impulses are betrayed by it into all sorts of meanness.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (00:35)

“To vote is like the payment of a debt, a duty never to be neglected, if its performance is possible.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (00:42)

“Disunion and civil war are at hand; and yet I fear disunion and war less than compromise. We can recover from them. The free States alone, if we must go on alone, will make a glorious nation.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (00:49)

“It is a government of the people by the people for the people no longer it is a government of corporations by corporations for corporations.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (00:56)

“I am loaded down to the guards with educational, benevolent, and other miscellaneous public work, I must not attempt to do more. I cannot without neglecting imperative duties.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (01:03)

“My wish for the American woman is that she may always be an elevating influence-man’s inspiration. Let him go forth to duty while she weaves the spell which makes home a paradise to which he may return, ever welcome, whether he is victor or vanquished.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (01:10)

“Every age has its temptations, its weaknesses, its dangers. Ours is in the line of the snobbish and the sordid.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (01:17)

“Abolish plutocracy if you would abolish poverty.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (01:24)

“If any of my men kill prisoners, I’ll kill them.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (01:31)

“I am a freeman and jolly as a beggar.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (01:38)

“All appointments hurt. Five friends are made cold or hostile for every appointment; no new friends are made. All patronage is perilous to men of real ability or merit. It aids only those who lack other claims to public support.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (01:45)

“Fighting battles is like courting girls: those who make the most pretensions and are boldest usually win.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (01:52)

“I am succeeding very well so far with my legging, but it is a very mean business for a man that has been well brought up to engage in. It is the only way to get a bill from Cincinnati through, so it must be done.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (01:59)

“In the great and deep qualities of mind, heart, and soul, there is no change. Homer and Solomon speak to the same nature in man that is reached by Shakespeare and Lincoln. but in the accidents, the surroundings, the change is vast. All things now are mobile – movable.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (02:06)

“Busy replying to letters from divers office-seekers. They come by the dozens.”
— Rutherford B. Hayes (02:13)

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