TOP 20 Richard Baxter Quotes

TOP 20 Richard Baxter Quotes.
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“Lord, I surrender. I am completely overcome by your love.”
— Richard Baxter (00:00)

“Study hard, for the well is deep, and our brains are shallow.”
— Richard Baxter (00:07)

“Christ leads me through no darker rooms than He went through before.”
— Richard Baxter (00:14)

“Holiness is nothing else but the habitual and predominant devotion and dedication of soul, and body, and life, and all that we have to God; and esteeming, and loving, and serving, and seeking Him, before all the pleasures and prosperity of the flesh.”
— Richard Baxter (00:21)

“Unity in things Necessary, Liberty in things Unnecessary, and Charity in all.”
— Richard Baxter (00:28)

“Nothing can be rightly known, if God be not known; nor is any study well managed, nor to any great purpose, if God is not studied. We know little of the creature, till we know it as it stands related to the Creator.”
— Richard Baxter (00:35)

“Prayer is the breath of the new creature.”
— Richard Baxter (00:42)

“I did nothing that I might not have done better.”
— Richard Baxter (00:49)

“You are not likely to see any general reformation, till you procure family reformation.”
— Richard Baxter (00:56)

“An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow.”
— Richard Baxter (01:03)

“Tomorrow is always the sluggard’s working day; today is his holiday.”
— Richard Baxter (01:10)

“Use sin as it will use you; spare it not, for it will not spare you; it is your murderer, and the murderer of the world: use it, therefore, as a murderer should be used. Kill it before it kills you.”
— Richard Baxter (01:17)

“Keep up a humble sense of your own faults, and that will make you compassionate to others.”
— Richard Baxter (01:24)

“Be careful how you spend your time: Spend your time in nothing which you know must be repented of.”
— Richard Baxter (01:31)

“If life be long I will be glad, that I may long obey; if short, yet why should I be sad to welcome to endless day?”
— Richard Baxter (01:38)

“Dangers bring fears and fears more dangers bring.”
— Richard Baxter (01:45)

“I have pain; but I have peace, I have peace.”
— Richard Baxter (01:52)

“I must confess, as the experience of my own soul, that the expectation of loving my friends in heaven principally kindles my love to them while on earth.”
— Richard Baxter (01:59)

“Screw the truth into men’s minds.”
— Richard Baxter (02:06)

“Though selfishness hath defiled the whole man, yet sensual pleasure is the chief part of its interest, and, therefore, by the senses it commonly works; and these are the doors and windows by which iniquity entereth into the soul.”
— Richard Baxter (02:13)

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