TOP 20 Nizar Qabbani Quotes

TOP 20 Nizar Qabbani Quotes.
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“A tragedy, when a mature mind and a romantic heart are in the same body.”
— Nizar Qabbani (00:00)

“And the writing is still : to you, with you, about you, because of you and for you.”
— Nizar Qabbani (00:07)

“Days will pass, and you’ll abandon things you were addicted to, and leave someone, and cancel a dream, and finally, accept a reality.”
— Nizar Qabbani (00:14)

“My lover asks me: “What is the difference between me and the sky?” The difference, my love, Is that when you laugh, I forget about the sky.”
— Nizar Qabbani (00:21)

“Don’t lose a woman that has seen your flaws and still love you.”
— Nizar Qabbani (00:28)

“Your love taught me to grieve and I have been needing, for centuries a woman to make me grieve for a woman, to cry upon her arms like a sparrow for a woman to gather my pieces like shards of broken crystal.”
— Nizar Qabbani (00:35)

“We are a thick skinned people with emtpy souls. We spend our days playing dice, chess, or sleeping – and we say we are the best people that ever came to mankind?”
— Nizar Qabbani (00:42)

“Because my love for you is beyond words, I decided to shut up.”
— Nizar Qabbani (00:49)

“If you want to kill somebody, conquer his heart, Then leave slowly and leave them between death and madness.”
— Nizar Qabbani (00:56)

“Dive into the sea, or stay away.”
— Nizar Qabbani (01:03)

“Light is more important than the lantern, The poem more important than the notebook.”
— Nizar Qabbani (01:10)

“The female doesn’t want a rich man or a handsome man or even a poet, she wants a man who understands her eyes if she gets sad, and points to his chest and say : ‘Here is your home country.’”
— Nizar Qabbani (01:17)

“And I fear that my place gets taken by some other one, very lucky and not too shy, who flirts with your eyes while I’m the one who’s crazy about them.”
— Nizar Qabbani (01:24)

“We killed you and it was not new for us, we killed the companions of the Prophet and the friends of God. O how many Messengers did we slay? O how many imams? We killed you and you prayed the night prayer, as all of our days are struggle – and all of our days are Karbala.”
— Nizar Qabbani (01:31)

“Our shouting is louder than our actions, Our swords are taller than us, This is our tragedy. In short We wear the cape of civilisation But our souls live in the stone age.”
— Nizar Qabbani (01:38)

“Life doesn’t stop after losing someone, but it goes on without them differently.”
— Nizar Qabbani (01:45)

“Don’t love deeply, till you make sure that the other part loves you with the same depth, because the depth of your love today, is the depth of your wound tomorrow.”
— Nizar Qabbani (01:52)

“There is who loves you quietly, and respects you quietly, and wishes you privately, and walks away when he sees you busy with someone other than him, and his ego restrains him from getting near you, and contents himself with the love for the sake of love.”
— Nizar Qabbani (01:59)

“There are some people that we didn’t forget, but we don’t smile any more when they’re mentioned.”
— Nizar Qabbani (02:06)

“Our enemies did not cross our borders They crept through our weaknesses like ants.”
— Nizar Qabbani (02:13)

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