TOP 20 Clifford Stoll Quotes

TOP 20 Clifford Stoll Quotes.
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“Data is not information, Information is not knowledge, Knowledge is not understanding, Understanding is not wisdom.”
— Clifford Stoll (00:00)

“The first time you do something, it’s science. The second time, it’s engineering. The third time, it’s just being a technician. I’m a scientist. Once I do something, I want to do something else.”
— Clifford Stoll (00:07)

“There is a difference between having access to information and having the savvy it takes to interpret it.”
— Clifford Stoll (00:14)

“If we built houses the way we build software, the first woodpecker to come along would destroy civilization.”
— Clifford Stoll (00:21)

“Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don’t let anybody else use it, and get a new one every six months.”
— Clifford Stoll (00:28)

“While I admire the insights of many of the people in the world of computing, I get this cold feeling that I speak a different language.”
— Clifford Stoll (00:35)

“The truth is no online database will replace your daily newspaper, no CD-ROM can take the place of a competent teacher and no computer network will change the way government works.”
— Clifford Stoll (00:42)

“Minds think with ideas, not information No amount of data, bandwidth, or processing power can substitute for inspired thought.”
— Clifford Stoll (00:49)

“We’ll soon buy books and newspapers straight over the Internet. Uh, sure.”
— Clifford Stoll (00:56)

“Call me a troglodyte; I’d rather peruse those photos alongside my sweetheart, catch the newspaper on the way to work, and page thorough a real book.”
— Clifford Stoll (01:03)

“It’s easier to apologize afterwards than getting something allowed in the first place.”
— Clifford Stoll (01:10)

“Computers in classrooms are the filmstrips of the 1990s.”
— Clifford Stoll (01:17)

“When I’m online, I’m alone in a room, tapping on a keyboard, staring at a cathode-ray tube.”
— Clifford Stoll (01:24)

“A box of crayons and a big sheet of paper provides a more expressive medium for kids than computerized paint programs.”
— Clifford Stoll (01:31)

“The Internet has no such organization – files are made available at random locations. To search through this chaos, we need smart tools, programs that find resources for us.”
— Clifford Stoll (01:38)

“The Internet is a telephone system that’s gotten uppity.”
— Clifford Stoll (01:45)

“Here are my strong reservations about the wave of computer networks. They isolate us from one another and cheapen the meaning of actual experience. They work against literacy and creativity. They undercut our schools and libraries.”
— Clifford Stoll (01:52)

“Computers force us into creating with our minds and prevent us from making things with our hands. They dull the skills we use in everyday life.”
— Clifford Stoll (01:59)

“As the networks evolve, so do my opinions toward them, and my divergent feelings bring out conflicting points of view. In advance, I apologize to those who expect a consistent position from me.”
— Clifford Stoll (02:06)

“Spending an evening on the World Wide Web is much like sitting down to a dinner of Cheetos, two hours later your fingers are yellow and you’re no longer hungry, but you haven’t been nourished.”
— Clifford Stoll (02:13)

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