TOP 20 Andy Hargreaves Quotes

TOP 20 Andy Hargreaves Quotes.
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“Teachers who believe they can make a real difference in their students lives REALLY do.”
— Andy Hargreaves (00:00)

“On assessment: measure what you value instead of valuing only what you can measure.”
— Andy Hargreaves (00:07)

“Teaching is a passionate profession.”
— Andy Hargreaves (00:14)

“Every solution has a problem.”
— Andy Hargreaves (00:21)

“High performance leaders capitalize on crises to galvanize the motivation and actions of people in the organization.”
— Andy Hargreaves (00:28)

“Change is easy to propose, hard to implement, and especially hard to sustain.”
— Andy Hargreaves (00:35)

“Teachers create and transform energy. They are the dynamos of educational change.”
— Andy Hargreaves (00:42)

“A successful school has to engage all the people, all the powers, and all the capacities within it.”
— Andy Hargreaves (00:49)

“Education leaders must have the will at times to release leadership to the teachers the parents and the students.”
— Andy Hargreaves (00:56)

“Sustainable leadership does not compromise the future by expanding and accelerating too quickly in the present.”
— Andy Hargreaves (01:03)

“Don’t raise the bar and narrow the gap, but narrow the gap to raise the bar.”
— Andy Hargreaves (01:10)

“There is no algorithm for creativity.”
— Andy Hargreaves (01:17)

“High performing organizations have cultures of creativity and risk. They encourage workers to innovate and play.”
— Andy Hargreaves (01:24)

“We learn more from people who are different from us than ones who are the same.”
— Andy Hargreaves (01:31)

“Courageous leadership is not fearless leadership. What makes you a leader is how you deal with your fears.”
— Andy Hargreaves (01:38)

“Adolescence is about digging out the iron inside irony.”
— Andy Hargreaves (01:45)

“Total teachers aren’t perfect teachers.”
— Andy Hargreaves (01:52)

“If one foot is in a bucket of steam, and the other is in a bucket of ice, you are not, on average, comfortable.”
— Andy Hargreaves (01:59)

“Lateral trust among colleagues is as important as vertical trust within the hierarchy.”
— Andy Hargreaves (02:06)

“Improvement is about doing something better; innovation is about doing something new.”
— Andy Hargreaves (02:13)

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